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about liper block

Nowadays our country needs a prospective viewpoint to the future and due to this, Ofoghe Fardaye Pasargad Company has established “Liper” since 2006 to perform a role, even though a little one, in construction of our country’s future.

To fulfill this national dream, through utilization of past experiences and present’s hunger of construction industry, “Ofoghe Fardaye Pasargad” has begun manufacturing different products out of light concrete to accomplish this national ideal.

Due to wide range of various products in construction industry market and with considering elements such as insulation level, easiness and fastness of installation, lowest level of material wastes and proper quality, choosing the best option is so difficult.

Considering Iran’s climate varieties & matters discussed before, it should be precisely mentioned that our company has proceeded to produce new kind of light concrete through addition of materials like perlite, polypropylene yarn, insulation granules and etc.

In addition, Research Unit of our complex have always been keen to search & experience new ways to improve its products.