پروژه ها / شناسه خبر: 60650


Production line


The Ofoghe Fardaye Pasargad Plant, with total area of 2 hectares & gable vents building of 2000 square meter area, is situated in Safadasht Industrial Town, karaj. Our plant has been utilized with modern, automatic machines which has the potential production capacity of 1.5 million light concrete blocks per day. Huge area, extensive production area, modern and automatic machines, minimum interference of human resource and 4-season potential production line of standard, up-to-date global technologies has led to high quality and solid blocks production whose stability is independent of its transport time & has the same quality of dispatched sample



Production procedure of Liper Blocks

Initially, the raw materials in the silos are weighed by material's weighing machinery & automatic, digital weighbridge. Via screw conveyor, the raw materials will be transferred to two mixers of 100 cubic meter capacity. After the mixing procedure, the mixed materials will be transferred to the machine through conveyor belt

The wet blocks which are simultaneously filled in with four vertical vibrating tools and 300-ton pressing machine, will be produced on steel pallets. With the aid of collecting robots and lift trucks, the produced blocks on steel pallets will be transferred to the curing room. After packaging and strapping, the dry blocks will be sent for the confirmation of quality control unit. Whenever the final process of blocks numbering and dating is done, they will be sent for storage and shipment to the exit runway

We hope this industrial unit can open up a new horizon to modern construction materials in this industry